Riedels Thyroditis

Hi im wanting to follow you on twitter & thought i would see if you have any information on Riedels Thyroditis but like many websites, organisations there is nothing about this disease.I got diagnosed with this condition in november of last year but before that i was diagnosed with ana-plastic carcinoma & told i had 3/4 months to live, i am trying my hardest to get this disorder highlighted as far & wide as possible so hope you can help, or i can be of any help to you.

Thank you


tbh-summerkites said: Hi my name is Joanna! I recently went to the doctor because I've been having chest pain. They took my blood for testing and today they informed me that I have high levels of hormones in my thyroid. I didn't really understand why or how I came to have it. But I'm still trying to understand what it is. I'm having an ultrasound in a week to actually see how severe it could be. I'm not sure if I actually have hyperthyroidism but if I can get some feedback or advice, that'd be great! Thank you.

Hello Joanna! 

Sorry for the lateness with the answer! How did the ultrasound go? It should’ve helped your doctor see what is up with your thyroid. 

As for those high levels of hormones, you should really take the results to your doctor or better, to an endocrinologist. There are 3 main hormones that regulate the thyroid, even though the THS is the one that is most looked at to understand what kind of problem your thyroid has. 

It’s hard to tell if you have hyperthyroidism or not, but let us know if there is any news and we will gladly talk to you again!


"Professor Tony Weetman, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health at the University of Sheffield, has been recognised for his pioneering work investigating the thyroid with a prestigious international award.

Professor Weetman, who is also an Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will receive the Paul Starr Award from the American Thyroid Association (ATA) later this year.

The award acknowledges an outstanding contribution to clinical thyroidology and will be presented at the 83rd Annual ATA Meeting in Puerto Rico.

Professor Weetman said: “I am really delighted to receive this award for the work my group has done over the last 30 years, especially as my mentor Reg Hall was a recipient in 1987. Thyroid diseases are the most common disorders of the endocrine system, affecting five per cent of the population, and research is essential to provide the best outcome for these patients.”

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new book blog: http://thebookphilosophy.tumblr.com/

please check it out, thanks!

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My name is Jaclyn i was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.I’ve looked around trying to find some shirts for thyroid awareness and haven’t been able to find any so i took it upon myself to create one using teespring and i was just wondering if you could share the link with your followers to get the word out about the tshirts, if not thats ok i understand also if you have any questions please feel free to get a hold of me on here.
The link for the shirts is 
If you haven’t heard of the website here’s how it works there’s a goal that needs to be reached before the shirt is actually printed. People reserve shirts by either using paypal or a debt card if the goal isn’t reached they will not be charged at all and obviously the shirt won’t be printed.
This certain shirt needs to have 25 sold(can go over) for it to be printed they will stop being sold on March 8,2013
(i can relaunch it if it does well and more people want one)
the shirt comes in sizes small,medium,large,extra large,2xl,and 3xl
the price is $11.00 (u.s) 
shipping in the united states is $3.85 for first shirt and $0.25 for each additional shirt.
Shipping international is $6.85 for first shirt and $1.00 for each additional shirt.
You can find pretty much all of this at this website:   http://teespring.com/about/faq
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and consider it, i really just want awareness to spread because i’m only 19 and i felt like i was alone until i found this page and a few others and realized i’m not alone in this journey. So please get back with me either agreeing to post it or not.

nomirrosallowed said: Hey I am Julie. I have graves disease with caused me to develop proptosis or thyroid eye disease. To run across your blog is just so good to see. I am trying to fight my depression. But anyways to see thimgs like what you're doing is really nice since not just anyone can relate to thyroid problems.

Thanks so much! Sorry we were so late to reply - it’s hard to organise ourselves, as you probably understand, with the way life goes up and down when you suffer from a disease like Graves. Stay strong, and keep fighting! x

Healthy People vs. Chronically Ill People

  • Healthy People: I hate my body!
  • Spoonies: My body hates me!
  • Healthy People: I hate my job!
  • Spoonies: I wish I could work!
  • Healthy People: I stayed out too late; I'm so tired today!
  • Spoonies: I washed my hair today; I'm too exhausted to do anything else!
  • Healthy People: Why are you depressed?
  • Spoonies: There's no "trigger" for depression; it's not just sadness. Depression happens because the chemicals in my head are screwy!
  • Healthy People: Why don't you ever want to do anything?
  • Spoonies: You have no idea how much I WANT to do stuff, I just CAN'T sometimes.
  • Healthy People: I wish I could stay in bed all day!
  • Spoonies: I wish I could get out of bed today!
  • Healthy People: Want to go see that new movie at the theater?
  • Spoonies: *thought process* well, there are 4 stairs to leave the house, 28 steps to the car, the car ride will probably aggravate my headache, more steps and more stairs once we get to the theater, two hours in an uncomfortable chair and $15 to watch a movie I'm probably not going to remember, anxiety from being around so many people, car ride home, getting back into the house...and I have maybe 2 spoons left today. How important is this person to me? Can I push through? Will (s)he mind if we just stay in and catch an older movie on TV?
  • Healthy People: If you were more active/ate better/lost weight/etc., maybe you would feel better
  • Spoonies: I'm doing everything within my power to feel better. Sometimes being active is impossible, what I eat is dependent upon what my body can digest, and weight loss is difficult when the first two are beyond my control.
  • Healthy People: I just read that this new diet/supplement/medication/alternative therapy/yoga pose/etc. can help people with your condition.
  • Spoonies: If there is something that has shown promise in my medical community, there are people who have tried it. I have likely tried it. I know you just want to help me feel better but you're making it seem as though there's some "magic cure" out there and I'm just not trying hard enough.
  • Healthy People: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger/God won't give you more than you can handle/Positive thinking/the power of prayer/any other cliche saying
  • Spoonies: Sometimes, what doesn't kill you makes you beg for death. Also, please don't quote scripture or talk to me about God and prayer if you aren't familiar with my religious beliefs. Not only might that be offensive to me but, also, this has seemed like more than I can handle for way too long.
  • Healthy People: Check out the new bag I bought!
  • Spoonies: *thought process* would all my meds fit in that?
  • Healthy People: How does my butt look in these jeans?
  • Spoonies: Oh, crap! Did I put on shoes today?
  • Healthy People: Doctor, what's wrong with me?
  • Spoonies: When we left last time, we were talking about this symptom I've been having. I did some research, I think it might be...... (and they're usually right!)
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